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Toshiba PX04S Enterprise SSD

19 Jul

Toshiba PX04S Enterprise SSD

The Toshiba PX04S Series is a third generation enterprise SAS SSD. The PX04S Series are 2.5”, 15mm SSDs with the largest capacity currently available of any 12Gbps SSD, at 3.84TB. The Toshiba PX04S family is comprised of 4 different models that cater to specific needs. There is a High-Endurance, Mid-Endurance, Value-Endurance, and Read Intensive model. The new PX04S also comes in a self-encrypting drive model that has instant secure erase and supports pin-3 power disable. The PX04S is dual ported and comes with a performance option that enables users to increase write performance by as much as 47%.


Toshiba offers four distinct models that can tackle different workloads or support various levels of tiering in an array. The High Endurance model is ideal for write-intensive virtualized datacenters, big data analytics, and HPC. The drive ranges in capacity from 200GB to 1.6TB and supports 25 complete drive writes per day. The Mid-Endurance comes in capacities as high as 3.2TB and is aimed at mixed-use, mission-critical hyperscale, virtualized environments, OLTP, and e-commerce. The Mid-Endurance supports 10 complete drive writes per day. The Value-Endurance model has a balance of capacity, performance, and endurance. This drive is ideal for read-intensive storage and server applications such as media streaming, data warehousing, and web servers. The Value-Endurance model runs in capacity up to 3.84TB. And finally Toshiba offers a Read-Intensive drive for use in cases where one complete drive write per day or less is ample endurance for workloads such as video on demand and data warehousing. The Read-Intensive drive also had a maximum capacity of 3.84TB.

The PX04S Series will be shipping to OEMs soon and comes with Toshiba’s 5-year warranty. For our review we will be looking at the 1.6TB PX04SMB or Mid-Endurance model.

Toshiba PX04S Series specifications:

  • Form Factor: 2.5”, 15mm z-height
  • Models: PX04SHB, PX04SMB, PX04SVB and PX04SRB
  • Capacities: 200GB, 400GB, 480GB, 800GB, 960GB, 1.6TB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB
  • NAND: A19nm eMLC
  • Interface: SAS 12Gbps
  • Performance:
    • PX04SMB
      • Seq. Read 64KiB (9W single / dual) MiB/s: 1000 / 1900 1000/1500
      • Seq. Write 64KiB (9W single / dual) MiB/s: 850 / 850 750/750
      • Seq. Write 64KiB (<11W single / dual) MiB/s: 1050 / 1100
      • Ran. Read 4KiB (9W single / dual) (QD>32) IOPS: 195K / 270K
      • Ran. Write 4KiB (9W single / dual) (QD>16) IOPS: 90K/90K 85K/85K
      • Ran. Write 4KiB (<11W single / dual) (QD>16) IOPS: 115K/115K
      • Rand. W30%/R70% 4KiB (9W single / dual) (QD>32) IOPS: 140K/180K
      • Rand. W30%/R70% 4KiB (<11W single / dual) (QD>32) IOPS: 140K/180K
    • Latency
      • Average Read: 100ms
      • Average Write: 30ms
    • Endurance: 10DWPD
    • Data Retention (@ EOL, Power removed): 3 mo. @ < 40°C
    • MTTF: 2 millions hours
    • Product life: 5 years

Design and build

The PX04S series are a 2.5” form factor that have a 15mm z-height. The thickness helps allow for higher capacities (more NAND) but the drives are still able to fit in almost all arrays and servers. The enclosure is mostly silver with a label on top indicating model number and capacity. While the drive is mostly silver, near the interface is a black heat sink.

Flipping the drive over shows the bottom metal plate with dimples near locations with corresponding thermal pads touching the circuit board to dissipate heat.

The interface of the drive is a dual port SAS connector supporting SAS3 12Gb/s transfer speeds.