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Toshiba HG6 SSD

19 Jul

Toshiba HG6 SSD

The Toshiba HG6 is a dual entry-enterprise and enterprise client SSD that is designed for high-performance, high reliability, and power efficiency for OEM systems. Available in capacities up to 512GB, the Toshiba HG6 SSD is offered in the five standard form factors (2.5" 7.0mm, 2.5" 9.5mm, mSATA, M.2 2280-D2 Double-Sided, and M.2 2280-S2 Single-Sided), allowing the diverse line of SSDs to satisfy a plethora of use cases.


The HG6 is designed with Toshiba A19nm Toggle NAND and supports a SATA 3.2 interface. Toshiba’s new line of SSDs features the low power Devsleep feature allowing them to go into a low power "device sleep" mode in client systems, end-to-end data path protection to increase error detection to the entire file transfer path (from the computer to the hard drive and back), and Toshiba’s proprietary QSBC error correction (Quadruple Swing-By Code), which offers a powerful Error Correction Code that helps to protect against any read errors on the SSD.

The Toshiba HG6 comes capacities of 60GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB (though the M.2 2280-S2 Single-Sided is only available in 128GB and 512GB models). We will be looking at the 512GB model in the 2.5” 7mm form factor.

Toshiba HG6 Specifications

  • Form Factors: 2.5-inch Case (9.5 mmH), 2.5-inch Case (7.0 mmH), mSATA1 Module, M.2 (2280-D2 Double-Sided), M.2 (2280-S2 Single-Sided)
  • Drive Capacity  
    • 60/128/256/512GB (2.5-inch, 9.5 mmH) 
    • 60/128/256/512GB (2.5-inch, 7.0 mmH) 
    • 60/128/256/512GB (mSATA1 Module)
    • 60/128/256/512GB (M.2, 2280-D2 Double-Sided)
    • 128/256GB (M.2, 2280-S2 Single-Sided)
  • NAND Technology: A19 nm MLC NAND Flash Memory
  • Drive Interface: ACS-2, SATA revision 3.1 1.5/3/6 Gb/sec
  • Performance    
    • Max. Sequental Read: 534 MB/s (510MiB/s)
    • Max. Sequential Write: 482MB/s (460MiB/s)
  • Power Requirements    
    • Voltage : 5.0 V ±5 % (2.5-inch, 9.5 mmH), 5.0 V ±5 % (2.5-inch, 7.0 mmH), V ±5 % (mSATA1 Module), 3.3 V ±5 % (M.2, 2280-D2 Double-Sided), 3.3 V ±5 % (M.2, 2280-S2 Single-Sided)
    • Active/Idle Idle Power           
      • Active: 3.3 W typ, Idle: 125 mW typ. (2.5-inch, 9.5 mmH)
      • Active: 3.3 W typ, Idle: 125 mW typ. (2.5-inch, 7.0 mmH)
      • Active: 3.2 W typ., Idle: 65 mW typ. (mSATA1 Module)   
      • Active: 3.2 W typ., Idle: 65 mW typ. (M.2, 2280-D2 Double-Sided)
      • Active: 2.5 W typ., Idle: 65 mW typ. (M.2, 2280-S2 Single-Sided)
  • Weight
    • 51-55g typ. (2.5-inch, 9.5 mmH)
    • 49-53g typ. (2.5-inch, 7.0 mmH)
    • 7.3-7.7g typ. (mSATA1 Module)
    • 7.0-9.3g typ. (M.2, 2280-D2 Double-Sided)
    • 6.4-6.6g typ. (M.2, 2280-S2 Single-Sided)
  • Temp – Operating:
    • 0°C - 70°C (case temperature) (2.5-inch, 9.5 mmH)   
    • 0°C - 70°C (case temperature) (2.5-inch, 7.0 mmH)                       
    • 0°C - 80°C (components temperature) (mSATA1 Module)            
    • 0°C - 80°C (components temperature) (M.2, 2280-D2 Double-Sided)       
    • 0°C - 80°C (components temperature) (M.2, 2280-S2 Single-Sided)
  • Temp - Non-Operating: -40°C – 85°C
  • Vibration – Operating: 196 m/s² {20 G} at 10-2,000 Hz
  • Vibration - Non-Operating: 196 m/s² {20 G} at 10-2,000 Hz
  • Shock – Operating: 14.7 km/s² {1500 G} at 0.5 ms
  • MTTF: 1,500,000 hours
  • Warranty: 3 years (from date of purchase)

Design and build

The design of the HG6 is in line with Toshiba’s other line of HG client SSDs (HG5d); it is simply a grey, all-metal enclosure with basic information and branding on the front of the drive. This minimalistic and unattractive design is common for client-grade SSDs, since function is Toshiba's primary concern.

HG6 Bottom

The side profiles show four screw holes that allow the HG6 to be easily mounted, and the drive is held together by four screws located on each corner of the front panel. Removing the screws opens up the drive.


The HG6 uses a Toshiba controller for all capacities while the storage comes from the SSD’s use of Toshiba A19 MLC.